Is it possible to get my ESA certification online?

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Yes! You can obtain an emotional support animal with the help of online services. However, you must make sure that you have obtained it in the right way. The most common misconception among people is that they think it is possible to certify a pet as an official ESA with the help of a certificate. Anyhow, the certification won’t suffice as a way of qualifying your animal companion as an ESA. Certificates won’t be able to offer legal status to ESAs. The most efficient way of qualifying an emotional support animal online is by obtaining an ESA letter via a licensed mental health professional offering remote services.


It is possible to get qualified for an ESA online, yet certification won’t suffice

When someone asks that if they are able to get an emotional support animal certification online, most probably they are confused between certifications and ESA letters. If the process is done correctly, an ESA can be obtained by acquiring the services from a licensed mental healthcare professional who offers his/her services online. According to the Fair Housing Rules and the Air Carrier Access Act, the documentation required to ensure your pet as ESA is an ESA letter. Most people find it hard to digest the fact that they would need more than just a certification and would generally become worried about the additional costs involved with acquiring an ESA letter from an LMHP.

In most cases, consulting a licensed mental healthcare professional might tend to be a bit expensive. Adding to that, people who are busy with their daily activities such as work, school, etc., might not have enough time to visit an LMHP. Thankfully, acquiring an ESA letter with the help of an online professional is also genuine and is the same as visiting them in person. If we take a look at the technological advancement so far, people are able to get a date, order food, rent a cab, and do many more things with the help of the internet. In the same way, Technology is also becoming helpful to the people who want to reach out to therapists and professionals in an effective manner. ESA Certificate allows you to get in contact with a licensed professional who specializes in ESAs


Effective and Simple online process

The Internet has become one of the most reliable options for people who want comfort and support with their mental health conditions. this digital era offers an easy way for people to get in contact with license good mental health professionals online without involving extensive costs. It would require a lot of bravery and confidence for meeting that help is needed to find the help a person requires. The process of finding a suitable licensed mental health professional has become quite difficult. Nonetheless, if you are able to find a suitable mental health professional, then you would have to take care of aspects such as direct visit son costs involved.

For some people there might also be a problem regarding visiting a professional directly and such people would want to opt for convenience as well as privacy that comes with online consultation, for finding out whether they need an ESA or not. Adding to that all these projects can be done from the comfort of their home. There might be a casual doubt among people whether the legitimacy of a letter obtained with the help of the Internet is as effective as a letter obtained for visiting a licensed mental health professional directly. However, to most people’s astonishment, the letter obtained online is pretty much the same as the letter obtained directly. it has been specifically stated by the US Department of Housing that people can obtain services remotely which include the Internet.


Is it possible for me to get a letter from my current doctor or therapist?

Yes, it is possible for a person to acquire an ESA letter with the help of a licensed healthcare professional who may even be a psychologist, a psychiatrist, registered nurse, medical practitioner, social worker, counselor, general physician, or physician’s assistant. If you are already in contact with a medical professional who is currently taking care of your health, especially your mental health, would be very helpful in acquiring an ESA letter. We strongly suggest that you contact such professionals to discuss your interest in having an ESA. Nevertheless, if you are finding it hard to get in touch with a licensed mental health professional, ESA Certificate will allow you to get in contact with one of the best licensed professionals available, who has a great deal of knowledge about ESAs.

How would I be able to get an ESA letter with the help of an ESA Certificate?


What are the legal rights I get, when I acquire an ESA  letter?

A genuine ESA letter will offer you the requirements that are needed while applying to get the accommodation for your furry friend on a flight or a building with a ‘no pets’ policy. By getting an ESA letter, you will be having access to the following privileges.

  1. Your ESA is to be allowed in housing even when there is a ‘no pets’ policy in existence. A landlord cannot deny a breed because of its size or breed. Additionally, landlords won’t be able to impose additional fees and deposits on ESAs.
  2. ESAs can accompany their owners in the cabin of a plane during the travel. Airlines can’t charge any additional fees for that, which they usually charge for pets. Even airlines can’t impose restrictions on the basis of a breed, yet they have to authority to come up with certain limitations based on the danger involved with the breed or size (large dogs).


Would I be required to register my ESA?

There won’t be a requirement for registering your ESA when you possess an ESA letter.

ESA registration is not considered mandatory, and they aren’t even considered as a valid method of qualifying your animal companion as an ESA while abiding by federal laws. The only necessary documents required for emotional support animals are ESA letters that are presented by licensed mental health care professionals. Some people think that the landlord might ask for a registration number so that they can search in an animal registry, while this is a huge misconception. Registration, certificate, vests, IDs, etc., are just additional proofs, while the actual requirement is an ESA letter.


Is it necessary to check whether I qualify for an ESA online?

You can check whether you qualify for an ESA or not using online services. Emotional Support Animals are known to provide an enormous amount of support and comfort to their owners, who are suffering from mental and emotional disorders. By checking whether an ESA would be helpful for you to deal with your mental health conditions, the licensed mental healthcare professionals on the network of ESACertificate.org allow you to acquire an ESA letter based on your necessity. ESA Certificate provides a convenient, easily accessible, and secure way of getting connected with a licensed healthcare professional so that you will be able to discuss your dire need of getting an emotional support animal.

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