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As people owning pets, we all share a particular bond and affection for our furry friends. Animals that we have are not just pets, instead, they provide comfort and support us in our life.

In some situations, it is essential for us to be near our canine companions almost all the time. These situations include the times while we are flying on commercial airlines or living in a rental building that has a strict policy against pets. Regrettably, there are some situations, in which we are required to live without our animal companions. Sometimes these rules might even prevent us from having our beloved animal companions with us. Especially, this might become hard when we are in the dire need of being with them.

However, by acquiring an Emotional Support Animal letter, we might be can be able to attain the legal right to have our support dog or other types of support animals with us (in the USA). Given below are two specific instances, in which you can be able to continue enjoying the company of your support animal.

Emotional Support Dogs are Protected by Law

Laws that are specifically designed for therapy animals can be a bit complicated to understand. Nonetheless, we would like to keep things simple. The two specific laws that you need to consider are the ACAA (Air Carrier Access Act) and the FHA (Fair Housing Act). These two laws (in specific) will grant you access to have emotional support animals along with you while you travel on commercial airlines flights (without having to pay extra fees) or while living in rental buildings such as houses or apartments that have policies against people having pets (No-pet policy).

Law#1: The Air Carrier Access Act, otherwise known as ‘ACAA’.

Law#2: The Fair Housing Act, otherwise known as ‘FHA’

How to support Emotional Support Animal laws

How do I know if I qualify for a Therapy Dog?

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Know your Legal Rights

Emotional support animal letter that has been provided by other organizations will usually manipulate you to pay fees for ‘registration fees to a government database’, which actually doesn’t even exist. On other hand, there might even be a possibility that the organization is making use of fake reviews in order to make you believe that they are a legit organization/company. Yes!!! It is terrible as it might actually sound.

Simple. Legitimate. Legal. It’s why our customers love us.

At ESA Certificate, we prioritize making things clear for our clients while taking the legal measures and once you qualify, we set you with a licensed mental health professional who acquired their license within the state you live. Instead of going to their office in person, you can contact them directly via phone call. If you qualify, you can be able to receive a 100% legal ESA letter within a time as little as 48 hours.

The ESA letter you acquire will represent the license number of the therapist with whom you spoke over the phone. If anybody questions the legality of your letter, you can legitimize your letter with ease by contacting the therapist that has provided you with it.

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Most Common Emotional Support Animals

Almost every domestic animal is eligible for being used as an ESA animal! While dogs and cats are most commonly used, there are no regulations and restrictions on the type of animal that can be kept as an emotional support animal. However, the animal that is kept by you as an emotional support animal must behave perfectly in public for being able to qualify as an ESA.


The most commonly kept emotional support animal in America is Dog.


Right after dogs, Cats have a significant role as a support animal in the USA.


Birds are in the top third position to be kept as emotional support animals.

Companion Dogs vs. Service Animals

Know the difference! As most people might actually have a misconception, a service animal and companion animal are not quite actually the same. It is very crucial that you must know the difference. Service animals procure special training for performing specific tasks that are required by an individual. On the other hand, ESA animals won’t be needing any sort of special training and can provide relief as well as support to many individuals.

Service Dogs

Fact Number One

Safeguarded by the Federal Law in order to provide company to their owner on commercial airline flights.

Service Dogs

Fact Number Two

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ESA Pets

Fact Number One

A person that owns an ESA must carry the necessary documentation that represents the purpose for having an ESA

ESA Pets

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What is an ESA?

ESA stands for an emotional support animal. Sometimes we can encounter experiences in life that make us feel like our world is falling apart and there seems to be no escaping.

ESA acts as a companion during those times when you need someone by your side who will listen, understand, and provide comfort without judgment. We know how important communication is – so don’t worry about having anything to say when you’re using this lovable companion! Your friend won’t judge or dismiss anything – they’ll just allow you to get everything off your chest while being supportive.

What law protects me and my ESA?

Emotional support animals have a few protections under the law, but they are not service dogs. If you qualify for an emotional support animal according to FHA guidelines and live in federally-subsidized housing or Section 8 subsidized housing property, then your ESA is allowed without restrictions imposed by any landlord’s pet policies

The FHA and state law provide protection against discrimination for ESA owners. Housing providers must make reasonable accommodations so that they can have equal access to their property with an emotional support animal.

The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) is a law which helped emotional support animals fly in the cabin with their owners until recently. Unfortunately, due to recent regulatory changes, airlines are no longer required to accommodate these pets and many have announced they will not be doing so anymore.

Service dogs are not allowed to fly on planes, but psychiatric service dogs (PSDs) can. PSDs help their owners through tasks related to their psychological or intellectual disabilities and have the same rights as a dog who helps with physical disabilities under ADA/ACAA guidelines.

Can my landlord refuse my ESA letter?

Because Fair Housing laws protect people with disabilities and specifically Emotional Support Animal letters, landlords must grant reasonable accommodations for an ESA even if they have no hard evidence of a disability.

Can my ESA travel with me on planes?

No, your ESA can not travel with you on planes. The only exceptions would be if you were transporting your ESA to an approved training facility or for a veterinary visit and the airline was willing to comply with all of the CDC’s requirements for safe transport of your ESA.

How long is my letter valid for?

In most cases, the emotional support animal letter is valid for 1 year. The official ESO (Emotional Support Animal) Registration form contains a section for the owner to fill in his/her contact information and also reflects this duration of validity.

The duration of 1 year was chosen as it covers almost all situations where an ESA letter may be needed.

Is there a particular government registry that keeps the records related to Emotional Support Animals?

There is no particular government registry that keeps the records related to Emotional Support Animals. The law requires state governments to recognize any disability-related need for an Emotional Support Animal as a reasonable accommodation for housing and public accommodations.

Are Emotional Support Animals considered Service Animals?

Emotional support animals are not recognized as service animals by the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). In fact, they have no protection under this federal law. However, many states are now passing their own laws that recognize them as such; however, these laws vary from state to state.

Does my animal need formal training to qualify for an ESA Certificate?

No! There’s no need for formal training if someone just wants company from time to time at home or when traveling; emotional support animals provide unconditional love without expecting anything in return!

How do I know that this specific ESA service is a legit one?

A pet can only qualify as an ESA if you have a recommendation letter from your doctor. You can obtain one by chatting with the professionals over at ESA Certificate who specialize in connecting you with a licensed healthcare professional remotely. A qualified provider will assess whether or not your animal is right for this type of service and issue you an official ESA letter that guarantees they are legitimate, so it’s easy to present them to your landlord when needed!

Is it possible for me to have more than one ESA at a time?

You can have more than one ESA! You may find that, as time goes on and your needs change or new emotional support animals are needed in response to life events like divorce. There’s no limit. As long as the animal does not violate any state or local laws and you get approval from your therapist about their therapeutic value for you, there is nothing stopping you from having multiple ESAs by each of them serving different functions for yourself when times become tough.

What if I still have questions?

We’re always happy to help! If you are still confused about anything, feel free to email us at: support@esacertificate.org and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What is a psychiatric service dog (PSD) letter?

A PSD letter (PSD stands for Psychiatric Service Dog) is a document that shows support to allow a person with psychiatric disabilities to bring their service dog or emotional support animal into places where animals are not normally allowed, such as restaurants, stores, and other public businesses.

Do I need a psychiatric service dog certification, license, special vest or ID to bring my dog into public places?

The Americans with Disabilities Act does not require third parties to ask for proof that a dog is a psychiatric service animal. In public, it’s typical to see vests and harnesses on dogs that owners use as an indicator of their status; however, they are not mandatory by law.

The ACAA has guidelines for how to recognize service dogs on planes, including harnesses and ID cards. These items are just one factor in determining if a dog is really a service animal; it’s not enough by itself!

What animals can be psychiatric service animals?

Only dogs are able to serve as psychiatric service animals.

What are the rules for flying with a psychiatric service dog?

With the Department of Transportation, you can now fly with your psychiatric service dog. All that’s required is a form which you must self-certify prior to boarding the flight and provide information regarding yourself and your trainer or veterinarian. Only require one person (don’t put ‘the handler’) to sign off on it!

What kind of tasks do psychiatric service dogs perform?

PSDs are able to complete a number of different helpful, necessary tasks for their handlers such as grounding them during anxiety attacks and reminding the handler to take medication. They also help prevent oversleeping in order to keep routines healthy while preventing those with OCD from engaging in destructive behaviors that they engage in otherwise when left unmonitored.

Am I obligated to professionally train a psychiatric service dog?

Service dogs can be professionally trained by an organization or through their handler. While either way is acceptable, some people prefer using organizations because they have more experience in handling animals and tend to place fewer restrictions on owners than handlers do.

How can a third party verify that your dog is a psychiatric service dog?

If you are at an establishment, they can ask two questions: 1. Is the dog trained to be required because of disability and 2 what tasks has it been trained for?
As PSD owners we don’t have to provide details about our disabilities on request but must answer any other question asked by them. We do not need to demonstrate tasks as well.

If you plan to board a flight with your ESA, you will need to submit the DOT’s Service Animal Transportation Form prior to flying. The form requires passengers to self-certify they have an animal trained appropriately for public settings and perform tasks related to mental illness or disability.

When would someone have reason to deny entry to your psychiatric service dog?

When a psychiatric service dog poses a threat to the health or safety of others, they can be denied to accompany you.

If a service dog is disobedient, it could be prohibited from boarding the flight. These dogs should always remain under the control of their handler. A fully trained PSD can behave in many public settings and will never urinate or defecate in its surroundings.

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