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ESA Letter for Your Emotional Support Animal

One in four Americans suffer from an emotional or mental disability—this staggering number doesn’t have to mean that one in four Americans actively suffer.

Emotional Support Animals—often known as ESAs—can help reduce the symptoms and effects of mental or emotional disability by providing companionship, comfort, and love.

Researchers are just now beginning to understand the full benefits of animal therapy, and ESA Certificate has made it their mission to help provide more information, more connection, and more certifications to enable this growth.

Through access to in-person consults with licensed mental health professionals, the proliferation of information, and a guiding light through the process, ESA Certificate.org utilizes technology to help connect clients with licensed mental health professionals who can authorize an ESA letter.

Because ESA Certificate.org is not a medical clinic or a healthcare provider, our mission is simply to help millions of Americans connect with the right professionals, receive the right information, and receive access to the support they deserve.

Getting an ESA Qualification has never been easier!

What Purpose does an ESA Letter Serve?

The main purpose of ESA letters is to make the life of people who have emotional support animals (ESAs) a little easier.

Here’s How ESA’s can Help

  • Rest and sleep easy
  • Increased confidence
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Increase in comfort levels
  • Improvement in overall wellbeing
ESA letters help people with animal companions use their special bonds to complement their therapy and alleviate their symptoms. What’s known is that various factors can lead to symptoms surrounding conditions such as OCD, depression, and anxiety. Owing to bonds people share with their ESAs, managing their conductions can become simpler by varying degrees.

We, at ESA Certificate, understand the role that ESAs play in making the lives of many people more manageable. Our aim is to ensure that they get to live and fly with their ESAs in an easy way.

Get Your ESA Letter in Less than 48 Hours

You’re on your way to receive an ESA letter for your animal companion from a licensed healthcare professional. You will receive your ESA letter within 48 hours of completing the form and speaking with a healthcare professional, all from the comfort of your home. You don’t even have to visit a doctor’s or therapist’s office.

ESA Certificate.org gives you a quick and easy way to complete the entire process online, so let’s get started.

Do you Qualify for an Emotional Support Animal Letter

The fact that support animals provide therapeutic benefits is well documented, and using one to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing can be a very real alternative.

If you feel that your pet plays an important role in how you manage your day-today life, you might qualify for an emotional support animal (ESA) letter. This is because ESAs are known to alleviate symptoms of various mental health disorders.

  • Some of the disorders that might make you eligible for an ESA include depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, ADD, learning disabilities, and motor skills disorders.
  • Support animals are not touted as cures. However, they can definitely help make the lives of several people easier and happier.
  • ESAs can help give their owners a feeling of leveling out – not just by providing companionship and comfort, but also by increasing their sense of self-worth.
Esa Certificate.org believes in the right to live and travel with your animal.

We believe that people can feel better in the presence of their animals, and should not be forced to pay extra fees, or told they can not live somewhere based on their animal. Nobody should have to choose between a housing situation or living with their pet. Esa Certificate.org wants you to be happier, and we believe the presence of your animal can help.

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