10 Amazing Facts about Cuban Dogs That You’ll Love to Read

Jan 10, 2021 | Dogs


Being cuddly, having an adorable size, consisting of long silky hair, and eyes that can speak a lot are just some of the characteristics that make people adore a ‘Cuban Dog’. No wonder to say that it can be said as one of the favorite dog breeds in the world.

As a matter of fact, the Cuban Dog or the Havanese Dog is a breed that has been taken up into the families of upper-class people for as long as since the 1800s. It is also affectionately called by some people as ‘Velcro Dog’ and has a tendency of being affectionate towards its owner almost all the time.

The Cuban Dog is also famous for its characteristics such as Loyalty, Less amount of shedding, and hyper-activeness. The Cuban Dog comes from the ‘Bichon family of dogs’, which consists of other dog breeds such as Maltese, Bichon Frise, Bolognese, and Coton de Tulear. Besides the fact that this breed has a lovable personality and a rich & aristocratic history, let us have a look at some other enthusiastic facts that might amaze you.


1. The Havanese Dog is only native to Cuba

Also being known by the names of Bichon Havanais and the Havana Silk Dog, the Havanese dog is the only dog breed that has descended from the indigenous dog breeds of Cuba. The name ‘Havanese Dogs’ itself suggests that these dogs come from Havana, which is the capital of Cuba.

A few centuries ago, when Spaniards came to settle in Cuba, they brought along their animal companions i.e., their dogs. Because of the lack of availability of other breeds on the island, these Spanish dogs were crossed along with the poodles and other Bichon breeds in order to produce the current breed of Cuban dogs, which we see today.


2. The silky coats have a purpose

The Cuban dog has a graceful & silky coat, which creates a misconception among many people. If we see, a majority of people think that the purpose of having a coat is to keep itself warm.

As you might think that there is no necessity for a dog to have a coat that keeps it warm in a tropical and warm climate. Well, it goes like this, the actual reason for the Cuban dog to have a long silky coat is not to keep itself warm. Instead of that, this coat offers protection to the Cuban dog breed from the sunlight. The sunlight would create a lot of inconveniences and cause burns on the skin if it fell directly on the skin.


3. They can be considered a role model for ‘Companion Dogs’

Havanese dogs are called ‘Velcro Dogs’ as they always stick to their human companion/owner. This might even be one of the main reasons that the aristocrats of Cuba might have loved them so much in the 1800s. They are compact, adorable, very gentle towards humans, and are a reliable breed of lapdogs.


4. Surprisingly, they have a longer lifespan

Most other dogs have a lower lifespan, which belongs to similar breeds that of the Havanese dogs. However, the Havanese dogs can have a lifespan of around 10 -15 years, sometimes even more than that.

Anyhow, it is a well-known matter that the smaller dog breeds actually do live longer than the larger dog breeds by mostly a few years. It has been recorded that the longest-living Havanese dog is known for dying at an age of 18 years, which is very impressive.


5. They are able to learn new tricks very quickly

Havanese dogs are known to have an amazing ability to learn new tricks faster. This aspect makes this breed very easy to handle and train, which is also a contributing factor to let us know why this breed has been a favorite for many families.


6. There is a possibility for them to have been circus dogs

Based on their history & lineage, there is a possible chance that the Havanese dogs might have been circus dogs. This can be said strongly by recalling the fact they have an excellent ability to learn things faster and do things to please their human companions.

These dogs are generally very friendly and can also be sensible watchdogs. Even though they are not known for barking excessively (or even moderately for that matter), they will surely let you know if somebody trespasses into your territory.


7. You won’t have to worry about shedding

Despite the fact that they have a silky & long coat, the Havanese dog doesn’t shed like you might think when compared to most other dogs. This makes the process of handling and maintaining this dog simple.


8. The Cuban dog is an extraordinary family dog

By considering all the above-mentioned factors, you might have come to a conclusion. Yet, as it still needs to be said, the Havanese dog can be an extraordinary family dog, by keeping many things in mind.

For starters, a Havanese dog has a cheerful and active personality making it a good choice to be kept around children in the house. Also, considering the aspect that the Havanese dogs are known for their ability to learn things quickly, they are said to be the best companions for children as well as adults.

In addition to that, these dogs are affectionate and always like to be around people. They also like being cuddled by their owners or lying on their laps. This makes them the best preference for the people who would like to spend some quality time with pets.

Most importantly, these dogs aren’t aggressive in nature making them delightful pets. Therefore, they can easily be handled and left to roam around the house freely and even around kids.


9. The Havanese dog is highly hypoallergenic

Dander is the material such as fur, feathers, etc., that has been shed by animals and is known for causing allergic reactions in some people. Because of the fact that the Havanese dogs don’t shed much hair, they don’t even produce much dander either.

However, there is no such dog breed that is completely hypoallergenic. But these Havanese dogs are very close to becoming hypoallergenic, as close as they can get. Hence, the Havanese dog breed is also a suitable dog for people having allergies and respiratory problems due to animals.


10. They hardly grow more than 11 ½ inches in height

It is evident that the Cuban dogs often happen to be tiny. This is one of the contributing factors that makes them the best breed of lapdogs. Apart from their height, they come in a compact size, have a fluffy coat, and consist of cute eyes that are expressive. In terms of science, a Havanese dog will only grow up to a height that it will reach by the time it becomes 12 – 18 months old.

Nonetheless, there are some factors that determine the actual maturity of the dog. Some of the distinguishing factors, as most of you might already assume, are the diet of the dog and its lineage. The easiest way to determine the maximum height that your dog can grow is by looking at the parents. There are very few cases that report the average height of this dog going over 8 ½ to 11 ½ inches.


Bottom Line 

It should also be taken into consideration that a few years ago, the Cuban dog was on the verge of extinction. The breed was able to thrive because of the few Cubans that went out of the country along with their dogs at the time of the revolution in 1959. The Havanese dogs that we can see nowadays are the descendants of the fifty dogs or more, which made it through the revolution period mentioned before. Despite that, the breed has thrived since then and the species is now considered very secure.

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