Golden Retriever as the most popular breed of Emotional Support Dog

Sep 3, 2022 | Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Mental Health

The Golden Retriever is truly a golden dog, a smiling dog. These dogs have a golden disposition, a golden coat, and an angelic personality. Every owner will find something in this dog that they are sure to love.

The golden retriever is a companion dog. In 19th century England, there was a need for a dog that would help hunters bring in a lined duck. It had to be a dog that had several important qualities – endurance, absolute obedience, and a thirst to please its master. The Golden Retriever has all of these qualities.



The Golden Retriever coat comes in many shades of golden, from pale cream-colored to deep golden, almost reddish. Golden Retrievers love to appetite. They are willing to endlessly bring their owner a padded bird on the hunt and just a ball on a walk.

Since the need for hunting is now practically eliminated, this clever dog has taken the place of a companion dog, because the Golden Retriever is an ideal friend. In some countries the Golden Retriever is the most popular dog breed. And in our country the popularity of Golden Retrievers increases every year. People choose this breed of dog for their families for their character, intelligence, beauty, and good disposition.

You can do Frisbee, agility, pitch and go, obedience, search and rescue, canisteria, and dancing with the dog with a golden retriever.


Golden Retriever Character

Golden Retrievers are always happy and joyful, always active and cheerful outside. But, when they come home from a walk, they just sleep. It’s incredible. It’s as if they have this special switch that they easily “press” to calm down. There is no excessive nervousness, they are balanced and calm at home and when the owner wants. Golden Retrievers always try to please him.


Golden Retriever Care

Golden Retrievers have a beautiful long coat with a thick, dense undercoat. This undercoat protects from overheating in summer and from cold in winter, as well as from quick wetting when swimming in bodies of water.

It is not difficult to take care of this coat. To do this, you need a couple of times a week combing with a comb with metal teeth of different lengths, and once a month to wash with special cosmetics.

The golden retriever needs a minimal haircut periodically. Once a week the claws should be trimmed. And once every couple of months, it is advisable to trim the hair between the pads of the legs on the underside, trim the tail into a beautiful feather, and thin out a little hair around the ears.


Golden Retriever trainability

Dogs of this breed are easy to train, they are obedient and intelligent. They look into their owner’s eyes and wait for his approval. However, that doesn’t mean that the little golden retriever puppy will immediately follow any commands. Of course, the puppy needs to be taught all the rules of your home, training, and daily walks.

With the right approach and your desire, you can easily cope with this. And in the future you can enjoy every day spent with your golden friend.


Golden Retriever Health

The Golden Retriever is generally a healthy breed of dog. But there are diseases that a breeder should keep an eye on. Dogs that have successfully passed hip and elbow tests for dysplasia should be used in breeding.

Golden Retrievers are adored by all people in the world. Once you start talking to them or look them in the eye a Golden Retriever will immediately want to come over and say hello, and will freeze with pleasure when they start petting them.



The Golden Retriever likes to be near humans at all times. If our family is having dinner, Golden will lay unnoticed under the table and catch all the crumbs that accidentally fall on the floor. If we’re having a family movie night, our dogs are always there, too. And if a man sits in a chair to read a book, the Golden Retriever will come over, put one paw on the knee first, feeling that the owner does not mind. Then he’ll put his second paw and then quickly and strongly press his head to his chest, and his hands begin to stroke the dog and the soul is filled with golden warmth.

And these dogs love hiking, walks in the park, trips to any part of the world by car. A true golden friend, who is always happy to be around.


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