The smartest breeds of Emotional Support Dogs

Sep 25, 2022 | Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, ESA Certificate Reviews, Housing, Mental Health

Border Collie

The Border Collie is the smartest breed of Emotional Support Dog in the world. This breed is considered the smartest for its unparalleled intelligence, high energy and performance levels, extraordinary instinct and workaholic nature. They are able to learn incredibly quickly. These shepherd dogs, formerly tracking flocks of sheep, have retained their powers of observation and sagacity. Thanks to their highly developed speed and concentration, these dogs achieve high athletic results in agility. They are also unpretentious pets that are suitable for families with children.



The cute, curly-haired four-legged dog takes second place among the smartest Emotional Support Dogs. It’s not for nothing that poodles are called resilient and intelligent animals. And they are easy to train: training a dog is a pleasure! Inherent intelligence poodles can easily cope with various tasks, so they can often be found in the circus arena. Once bird hunters, today they are intelligent and obedient companions. Very sociable and loving owners.


German Shepherd Dog

It is no secret that the German shepherd is attracted to work in the police and the army. Representatives of one of the most intelligent breeds of Emotional Support Dogs, they are considered intellectuals and prove their abilities in action. They are strong, intelligent and courageous dogs that are easy to train and are able to learn a command from the first time. German Shepherds are recognized not only as excellent working dogs, but also as loyal defenders of the family they live in. It is noteworthy that this breed was bred precisely on the basis of intellectual abilities.


Golden Retriever

Big and friendly retrievers can learn over two hundred commands! No wonder they are in the top five smartest breeds of Emotional Support Dogs. The dogs of this breed are reliable helpers, which is why they are often chosen as companions for people with disabilities. Highly intelligent, Golden Retrievers are even used for search and rescue missions. In addition to their friendly nature, agility and obedience make them excellent service dogs. They are easy to care for and very obedient to training, and are also adept at multi-tasking. They are wonderful pets and friends for the whole family.



This clever breed of Emotional Support Dogs was once bred by a German tax collector for protection purposes. Dobermans are very smart, assertive and easy to train. Despite their muscularity and seemingly formidable appearance, they are quite gentle and loyal pets. Excellent watchdogs, thanks to their fearless temperament, rapid speed of movement, and high level of stamina.

Dobermans are often trained in police and military affairs. They are obedient and well-trained, so they make excellent watchdogs.



Emotional Support dogs of this herding breed are particularly intelligent and shrewd. Scottish Sheepdogs are easy to train, agile and obedient, often winning high places in agility competitions. Due to their instinctive nature and instinctive grasping abilities, these dogs learn new commands quickly. They are also great lookouts, sensing danger and warning about it with their loud barking. Their high intelligence makes them the perfect companion for the family, while their kind and caring nature makes them the perfect companion for everyone.


Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are known worldwide as loyal, kind and active Emotional Support Dogs. They are highly intelligent and have an amazing sense of smell. With these qualities they have very important tasks, such as acting as guides, helping the police, searching for drugs, and even participating in search and rescue operations. A thick coat and a heavy tail enable Labradors to swim long distances in cold water. Representatives of this clever breed of dog are known for their patience, wit, and gentle nature. They can learn a lot on their own, can observe, learn and repeat human behavior.



The Papillon is the only miniature four-legged dog in the top ten smart Emotional Support Dog breeds. Small dogs with ears shaped like butterfly wings are very smart and agile. Frequent medalists in agility competitions, because they love to train and are very trainable. At the same time Papillon is much stronger than they seem at first sight: they are enduring and can walk for a long time without slowing down. Obedient and caring extrovert pets do not mind to take part in various activities.



Powerful and sturdy dogs of the Rottweiler breed have a number of virtues – they are intelligent, affectionate, obedient, loyal Emotional Support Dogs. Their inherent high intelligence is evident in police work, service and guarding tasks, even used in therapy. These dogs were among the first to become guide dogs. Despite their power and size, Rottweilers are playful and cheerful, and also distinguished by patience, courage and insight. Wonderful companions, they love and protect their owners.


Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian Emotional Support Shepherd Dogs are bred to herd cattle, and they always enjoy doing their job. Dogs of this breed are unique: they are not only extremely agile, energetic and hardy, but also very smart. Their extraordinary intelligence and orderliness are amazing: they put things back in their place. They are very smart and can outsmart their owners, with a particular zeal to protect family members. They understand human commands very well and because of their activity and high capacity for work they need constant physical exertion.


Top 10 smartest dog breeds in the world

Research on the smartest breeds of Emotional Support Dogs is found in a book by Canadian professor and longtime four-legged researcher Stanley Koren. After interviewing more than two hundred dog training and education judges from the United States and Canada, he ranked the smartest dog breeds in the world based on three types of canine intelligence. Instinctive intelligence refers to innate abilities (guarding, hunting), adaptive intelligence refers to the ability to adapt to daily tasks, and obedience intelligence refers to a high ability to learn and follow commands.

Despite the fact that the smartest Emotional Support Dogs have been determined almost unanimously by two hundred professionals, Koren’s classification cannot be considered 100% correct. It should be understood that there is no easy way to assess a pet’s intelligence, because every dog has its own unique characteristics, and a caring owner can contribute to their development.


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