5 reasons for the usefulness of Emotional Support Dogs in every family

Aug 28, 2022 | Cats, Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Mental Health

Dogs are truly amazing. They look at you with completely unconditional love. Most people don’t have proven ways to feel love and peace in their lives. An emotional support animal (ESA) can save every family member.


Helping family members with a variety of possible mental illnesses


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No one ever plans to experience depression, anxiety or various phobias. But it can often happen.

Quality of life improves when an animal is included in the treatment plan. People with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia benefit greatly from having an emotional support animal as a companion.

When you have an emotional support animal by your side, you feel as if your best friend is with you.



Emotional Support Animals can alleviate a variety of mental conditions


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They soothe those who are experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Having a reliable, emotionally supportive animal can help ease difficult times. Dogs can take the edge off your mental balance. You can go for a walk with them in a beautiful green park or on the banks of a river. At this time, the focus of attention shifts to the processes that are currently going on around you. This significantly distances one from various persistent negative thoughts. While exercising with the dog, it is easy not to think about the past. And it helps effectively heal from post-traumatic stress disorder.


Reduces the time of children’s breakdowns


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During children’s development, they can have all sorts of nervous breakdowns and tantrums. Sometimes you have to restrict and punish your child. During this time, he loses the peace and sense of calm that he needs at this age.

The Emotional Support Dog senses these moments keenly. When a child is going through a breakdown, she may lay her head on the child’s lap and nudge him to be petted.

During this time, the child’s blood pressure drops. Dopamine fills his brain when he strokes the dog. Dopamine is associated with feelings of love, affection and pleasure.

And in a short time the child will forget the cause of his disorder. And he will get involved with his toys, start playing more with the dog or fall asleep. As a result, the decision to get an Emotional Support Animal can be a great way to keep the family together.


Saves teens from depression and divorce


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There is a special bond between dogs and teens. Their interaction helps reduce their risk of developing depression.
Taking care of a dog helps teens develop a sense of responsibility. They get a companion and are not left alone. Interaction with a pet helps improve their mood.

Sometimes in families, parents may go through a difficult scenario such as a divorce. In such situations, it is easy for children to draw false conclusions and take on unnecessary hardships. They may blame themselves and see themselves as the cause of their parents’ divorce.

At such times, having an Emotional Support Animal around can soothe the emotional state and reduce the pain.



Reduces stress for parents


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Most parents these days are constantly busy with various things. They may be working all day long. At the same time, they need to take care of their children, often taking them to various meetings and events. And with all that, they still somehow have to plan time for each other.

The stress of a busy day at work is dissipated when they return to the home where the Emotional Support Dog lives. She will greet her owners every time, wagging her tail and jumping for joy when you return home.

Even when you work from home, your dog can be your emotional support animal. Dogs are social animals, and they like to confirm that you’re okay during the day.
They may come to your table and settle down next to you. Or will ask you to pet them when you’re working on a difficult task. They won’t leave you alone when you’re stressed and pressured. Emotional Support Dogs will help you relieve stress and feel the dopamine effect of petting.



The decision to get Emotional Support Pets benefits the whole family


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It both stabilizes your strong emotions, helps with work projects, and makes you feel calm and loved. In any difficult situations, Emotional Support Animals can only benefit your entire family. And in individual cases they can help to maintain a healthy mental state and harmonious relationships between family members.


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