Can I have more than one Animal for Emotional Support?

Sep 5, 2021 | Airlines, Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Housing, Mental Health

There are no specific rules governing the maximum number of animals you can have. If your therapist agrees that your ESAs serve your well-being, you may have more than one emotional support animal.
The number of emotional support animals should also be reasonable and appropriate. The health and well-being of your ESAs must be taken care of. All animals need to be fed, cared for, and vet care. Does your budget allow you to pay for these extra expenses?
When deciding how many emotional support animals are needed, consider the space and time you have, as well as your financial ability.


Can my landlord deny reasonable accommodations if I have multiple ESAs?

The Fair Housing Act states that the landlord, building manager, or owner of any rental unit must provide reasonable accommodations for a person with an emotional support animal. Provided that this reasonable accommodation provision does not impose an undue burden on the landlord, building manager, or owner of the rental apartment.

There are only a few circumstances that could allow your landlord to refuse to provide you with emotional support animals.

If multiple ESAs are involved, it depends on the type and number of animals that are in the house. For example, 4 large dogs that bark in a small apartment or 3 goats in a condominium may be considered an excessive financial burden on the property owner. Thus, the reasonable accommodation clause is challenged.


How do I get an official ESA letter?

There is a simple process to follow to make an existing animal an emotional support animal or if you are considering getting a new animal.

Having this extra confirmation will help you when applying for housing or booking plane tickets with your emotional support animal.

Once you have your emotional support animal and the letter from a mental health professional needed to make it legal, you are on your way to a happier and healthier life.

If you wish to work with a licensed mental health professional so that you can qualify for an ESA, then ESAcertificate.org can help you with your requirements.

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