How an Emotional Support Dog helps increase motivation in life

Feb 15, 2022 | Cats, Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Mental Health

Dogs play many roles in our lives. They can uplift our moods, reduce stress, or even increase productivity in the workplace. Emotional support dogs are also privileged under the Air Carrier Access Act and the Fair Housing Act.

You can be certified as an emotional support animal if you have a relevant mental health condition. The medical conditions that allow you to keep an emotional support animal range from anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder to depression. If you have any of the above mental health conditions, you have the right to get a dog or cat for emotional support. Not only can they help you cope with emotional problems, but they can also increase your productivity.


An emotional support dog can increase productivity at work

The presence of an emotional support dog in the workplace is not yet widespread. And some companies are already allowing pets in the office. Under the American Disabilities Act, only animals that support a person’s physical disabilities are allowed in public places. However, some allow ESAs to be part of various public places.

Having a dog around will keep your spirits up. It will help you work on a project or assignment with full commitment. The end results are sure to be good, and you will be quite productive at work. That’s because ESA will help you not give in to stress. You won’t have to work under the pressure of anxiety or panic attacks. What’s more, you’ll stay calm throughout the day.


Emotional support dogs help increase physical activity

One of the most common mental health disorders is depression. There are many different related things that usually come along with it. One of them is decreased physical activity.

Usually people suffering from depression tend to lock themselves in a room and can hardly bring themselves to get out of bed. However, when a person gets an emotional support dog, it will give them a purpose to get out of bed. Regular walks with the dog will help one realize the need to stay in shape despite struggling with depression. Just a regular walk can help you stay in good emotional and physical shape.

Dog owners usually walk more than people who don’t have dogs. Increased physical activity is good for the body. It increases the production of endorphins, also known as “good mood hormones.”


Emotional support dogs reduce stress

People who suffer from emotional instability often struggle with panic attacks, depression and anxiety. These mental illnesses often arise from extremely stressful environments, modern lifestyles or traumatic experiences. At times like these, there is a need to bring an emotional support dog into one’s life. Dogs can be good helpers in reducing anxiety levels.

When one interacts with a dog, one’s production of the pleasure hormone increases. Prolonged emotional support with an animal helps increase the ability to love and care for one’s neighbor. This happens regardless of whether the person is depressed or experiencing constant bouts of anxiety. In the company of a dog, you can feel completely safe and surrounded by care.

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