How does a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter look like?

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In the United States, People who own service dogs are provided with several legal rights. Service dogs are allowed in places that usually prohibit normal pets, which include cabins of airplanes without any type of fees. When we talk about service dogs, the first thing that pops into most people’s minds is dogs that help people having physical disabilities such as visual impairment, hearing impairment, and mobility problems. Nevertheless, service dogs also help the people suffering from disabilities that are invisible such as emotional/mental disorders, extreme depression, anxiety, PTSD, phobias, etc.

A psychiatric service dog (PSD) is a type of dog that received training to carry out tasks for the wellbeing of a person suffering from psychiatric, intellectual, or other similar mental disabilities. According to the US Department of Transportation’s rules, PSDs should be accepted to board the cabins of airplanes while being free from fees/charges, and for this, the handler should complete DOT’s Service Animal Air Transportation Form.

DOT’s Form needs service animal owners to certify that are suffering from a disability and they must have a dog that is trained to perform tasks that would assist them. People who own psychiatric service dogs acquire help from a licensed healthcare professional and these healthcare professionals evaluate whether the individuals qualify for the criteria of having a disability. People who are eligible obtain a PSD letter that is signed by the mental healthcare professional.

Today, we will discuss the information related to the PSD letter such as what is it, why is it advantageous, and what are privileges offered to people who own a psychiatric service dog.


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1. Why is it necessary for you to have a Psychiatric Service Dog (PSD) Letter?

People who wish to travel along with a service animal must be confident that their disability needs a service dog on a federal norm. providing false information related to your condition will result in penalties as per the law. Therefore, it is very essential to be genuine and complete the form accurately.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), an eligible disability has a distinctive legal definition. The handlers should be dealing with a physical or mental disorder that limits one or more life activities of a person. Healthcare professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, therapists, doctors, etc., can determine whether you come under the criteria for a disability.

Once you fall under the specific criteria, the healthcare professional can provide you with a letter signed by them, which is called a PSD letter. This letter the information related to their evaluation of whether you have a service dog that qualifies for helping with psychiatric disabilities. A PSD letter is utilized for recording your health condition and lets you have peace of mind knowing that you have an opinion of a third party.

2. How does a Psychiatric Service Dog letter look like?

PSD letters may vary as the licensed healthcare professionals who provide them have the liberty of writing the letter in a way they want. The healthcare provider would also make use of his/her expertise and judgment for conveying the matter. Nevertheless, there are some general aspects in PSD letters along with some other elements, which you have to make sure that they are present. The important information that is to be included in a PSD letter is as follows.

  1. The letter should be present on the letterhead of the healthcare professional.
  2. The letter should contain the authorized signature of the healthcare professional along with the date.
  3. The contact information of the healthcare professional should be present in the letter.
  4. Finally, the letter should have the professional judgment of the healthcare provider on whether you have an eligible disability that qualifies for a psychiatric service dog.

In most cases, a PSD letter would also consist of a disclaimer concerning the service dog. However, the professional is not able to assess whether the service dog has received proper training and is ready to go out in public places. This is entirely dependent on the owner, or a trainer hired by the owner.

If you intend to qualify for a PSD letter, you can get connected with a licensed healthcare professional in your state with the help of online telehealth services. Click on the link provided below and complete the questionnaire. You will be getting in contact with a state-licensed professional to work on your PSD letter. The procedure is simple, can be done online, and the fees are comparatively low.

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3. Who can provide you a Psychiatric Service Dog Letter?

A PSD letter should be provided by a professional who is aware of your mental and emotional health, or it can be presented by a healthcare provider who is suitable for making determine such aspects. Type of professionals who can offer you a PSD letter are psychologists, doctors, social workers, psychiatrists, etc.

If you are currently consulting a professional regarding your mental health issues, it is better to discuss your necessity for a psychiatric service dog with them. It should be taken into careful consideration that all the healthcare professionals might not be familiar with the aspects related to psychiatric service dogs. It will prove to be advantageous if you contact a professional who has a significant amount of expertise when it comes to assistance animals.

There has been a lot of progress in the fields of online help and telehealth services, and PSD letters are also taking advantage of this development. You can opt for obtaining a PSD letter from a healthcare professional offering online services while not having to visit them in person.

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4. Is a PSD letter enough to have a psychiatric service dog?

Obtaining a PSD letter is only the beginning if you wish to own a psychiatric service dog. A psychiatric service dog must obtain a significant amount of training so that it can perform tasks related to your disability. There is a wide range of tasks that psychiatric service dogs are necessitated to perform. Some of them include:

  • Calming the handler during times of distress by stimulation through exerting pressure or pawing them.
  • Disrupting dissociative moments.
  • Alerting the handler to remind them of their daily life activities such as taking medication.
  • Acting like a shield while being in a crowded environment.

Along with the task-related training, a psychiatric service dog should be ready to be taken out into public places. Service dogs should behave well while being around people or animals and must always listen to their handlers. Psychiatric service dogs can be removed from places such as airports if their behavior is menacing or aggressive. PSD owners must self-certify on the Form provided by DOT that their psychiatric service dog has been trained and will be under their control.

5. How can I travel on a plane with a PSD letter?

If you wish to travel along with a psychiatric service dog, then you will be required to submit DOT’s Service Animal Form to the airline before the departure of your flight (mostly 48 hours in advance). However, you won’t be asked to submit your psychiatric service dog letter. A PSD letter is for your keeping and is considered as a backup document stating your disability that makes you eligible for having a PSD.

The DOT Form needs you to provide many self-certifications concerning your PSD. You would also be required to present the names of the dog’s trainer and veterinarian. In most cases, the PSD owners act as trainers for their dogs, and if that’s the case with you, then you can name yourself without any sort of hesitation.

To gather more information on how you can travel along with your psychiatric service dog on a plane, click on the links provided below.

6. How can somebody ensure that I have a PSD?

A PSD letter is provided for personal purposes and there is no necessity for sharing it unless the person who acquired it has no problem in sharing it. While traveling, the airline verifies your PSD by reviewing the DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form completed for you. If you are in public, airline staff or any other individual can verify your PSD by asking two questions, which are as follows.

  1. Is the dog necessary to help with a disability?
  2. What is the task or work performed by your PSD?

No person can ask you in particular about your health condition, which includes the information present within your Psychiatric Service Dog Letter. Along with that, you also have the right to dignity, which means, nobody can ask you to make your dog demonstrate its abilities.

You will never be required to share your PSD letter with another person unless you intend to share it with them. It should be duly noted that a PSD letter convinces you that you have a condition that makes you eligible for a PSD and you can obtain certifications concerning your condition. A PSD letter might comprise of sensitive information related to your mental health, which you intend to keep private. If you wish to reveal your PSD letter as substantial proof in any situation, you can do so.

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