How owning an Emotional Support Dog can reduce stress

Jul 17, 2022 | Cats, Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, ESA Certificate Reviews, Mental Health

These days, about three-quarters of humanity experiences some form of stress. This is not surprising, given the busy lives we live. But too much stress is bad for our bodies and minds. And it is especially bad when it becomes so overwhelming that it prevents us from living a normal daily life.  Let’s discuss the condition of stress, its causes and symptoms. And let’s also look at how an emotional support dog can reduce stress.



Many people believe that in small doses stress can be a good thing. It is our body’s method of “keeping us alert” and ready for the unexpected. The stress response is a common reaction to a risk, perceived or real, that puts the body into a state of heightened arousal. When done properly, stress helps you to be alert, focused, and ready for the unexpected. However, if you tend to get stressed frequently over various trivial things, it’s probably more likely that your body is “stuck” in this stress cycle.


How an Emotional Support Animal can help you cope with stress


An emotional support animal can help alleviate some of the symptoms of stress. In fact, simply petting a furry animal lowers your blood pressure, heart rate and even releases feel-good hormones. Having an emotional support animal can help a person get outdoors and exercise more. The easiest way to do this is if that animal is a dog. It is necessary to walk in the park with it every day. Physical exercise during such walks contributes to the release of endorphins, which improve our mood and overall well-being. Such endorphins also help improve our ability to lose weight and increase our ability to fight infections.



Also, any Emotional Support Animal, regardless of species, can always be an excellent listener. It will not judge or reject a person for their chronic stress. Emotional Support Animals are recognized by the federal government as an important part of mental health treatment. As a result, official emotional support animals have special rights to move and stay.

If you think that having an emotional support animal can benefit you, be sure to get an animal with a valid emotional support letter that has a calm disposition and is right for you.

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