How to build a friendly bond between children and a dog

Jan 15, 2021 | Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Mental Health

It’s often not enough to just get a well-behaved puppy. It’s usually only the first step. And it’s best to take some steps to ensure your child’s safety.

Puppy socialization

A puppy learns to accept and feel comfortable with different people and situations at several months of age. At this time, it is important to introduce your puppy to different children in a positive way. Your puppy should be socialized with children of all ages in a variety of situations. This is a very important stage at which you need to teach your child to behave well around the dog so that the introduction begins with good feelings.

The more mature the dog, the more time he may need to interact with children.


Obedience training

Great, your dog has learned to accept children. The next step is to call your dog to order with some commands. Better yet, it will be better if she goes through some obedience training. You can start by teaching basic commands like “stop”, “wait”, “sit”, “lie down”. This will be a good way to limit your dog’s bad behavior. It will also help stimulate future intensive training. These exercises will help to prevent possible accidents. And also the dog can become familiar with what not to do.


Reach an agreement with the children on certain rules

Children and dogs should respect each other. Especially when they live in the same area. It is very important for children to learn how to be gentle with a puppy.

Here are some rules you can teach them for the first time.

– Dogs should be stroked affectionately.
– Do not be left alone with the dog.
– Don’t disturb the dog unnecessarily. Especially when he is sleeping in his kennel.
– Don’t take away her food while the puppy is eating or chewing on a bone.
– Don’t yank her roughly by the tail.



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