Ten signs that your Emotional Support Cat is happy

Aug 1, 2022 | Cats, Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, Mental Health

There’s nothing nicer than a purring fluffy pet on your lap. All owners dream of keeping their cat happy. But purring isn’t the only sign that your pet is happy, there are other, less obvious signs. Let’s take a look at what other top habits of a happy cat exist.



Your cat is happy to greet you

When you wake up in the morning or when you come home after a long day your cat runs to greet you. Cats express their emotions with their body language – if they are happy to see you after a long separation they will definitely give off a high straight tail, flattened ears and an obsessive desire to rub against your feet. They do this in such a way that you only have to test your sense of internal balance to prevent your pet from inadvertently knocking you over.



A good appetite is also an indicator of happiness

A cat meows, asks for food, leads you to its bowl – in short, shows that it knows who’s boss and who’s taking care of it. Cats are the smartest animals and very quickly understand how to manipulate you and get tasty treats. But this behavior is also the most accurate sign of trust and happiness.



Your Emotional Support Cat is loudly communicating with you

Everyone knows that cats meow, but their arsenal of sounds is not limited to that. A cat uses different sounds to inform its owner that it wants to eat, to jump into your arms or to go outside. Purring is an obvious indicator of happiness, but the cat’s desire to “talk” to you in general is a good sign. The higher the tone of the sound, the better. After all, low frequencies can indicate irritation or a demand for something.



The way the cat sits or lies

An unhappy pet will never settle down near you. A cheerful cat rests with its paws tucked under its torso and its front paws tucked in with its eyes half-closed. This indicates that the animal feels safe. Another good sign is the supine position with its paws in the air.



Your cat lays down on your lap

In addition to the cat rumbling and falling asleep on your lap, which are more obvious signs of happiness, there are other signs. Maybe you’ve noticed how the cat pokes and kneads you with its paws, as if it’s kneading dough. This instinct goes all the way back to an animal’s childhood, when they massage their mother’s mammary glands in this way to help milk production. This sign signals that the cat is feeling pleasure and truly trusts you.



A happy cat behaves with confidence

She should have a natural interest in everything around her and feel at home around you. Your pet will probably be actively learning new things. Or maybe it will just sit quietly and watch with interest. A confident cat will hold its head up high with its eyes wide open. He will also have a good appetite and be interested in his surroundings while twitching his tail. His whiskers are relaxed and his ears look forward.



Your emotional support cat is content with life and always sleeps close to you

A happy animal spends less time sleeping and chooses her place carefully. However, if she finds a place as far away and aloof as possible and sleeps longer than usual, it’s a red flag. Cats can usually sleep with other pets or curled up on the couch next to their owner. So when a cat spends the night on the edge of your bed, it’s a sign that it trusts you very much.



A lively cat has a playful temperament

Of course, older cats will be less active, but the desire to interact with humans or other pets in an easy fun manner will still not go away. Sometimes a cat’s desire to play can be seen by the way he lies on his side with his tail wagging. You don’t need to buy your pet expensive toys at all, he will be happy with simpler entertainments. For example, run behind a laser or play with a ball or paper knickknacks. After all, it’s not about toys at all, it’s about communicating with the owner.


Your pet brings you “gifts”

It’s a great indicator that the cat loves you and is ready to share the blood caught and found prey with you, and it’s a privilege that not everyone enjoys. This is the real trust. Sure, it’s not very nice if a pet leaves a mouse in the kitchen or a pigeon under the bed (and it happens), but it all comes down to the fact that your cat just loves you. Only cats who are content with life can give such special gifts to their owners.


A healthy cat is a happy cat

These animals need to be well looked after, giving them everything for their health, both physically and emotionally. If your pet enjoys life, he is sure to be constantly licked and groomed. He may lick other cats or even the owner. An unhappy cat is easy to spot – he stops taking care of himself and becomes a bit ungroomed.


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