The 10 Best Service Dog Breeds

Aug 21, 2022 | Dogs, Mental Health, Psychiatric Service Dog, Service Dogs

The best service dog breeds are praised not only for their physical abilities, but more for their intelligence and loyalty to their owners. Many service dogs are born to be service dogs.

However, not all dogs are suited to be service dogs. There are only a few breeds with the right temperament and behavior that can do the job. Each breed of dog may be assigned a specific job, which may include mobility, medical assistance, emotional support, and so on.

Dogs must be trained and certified before they can become service dogs. Let’s look at a list of 10 breeds best suited for this role.





Labradors are the most common in the world of service dogs. They are intelligent, loyal, affectionate and long-lived. Labradors are very versatile and can do a variety of jobs such as mobility support, psychiatric care, autism support, guide dogs, hearing dogs and more.

As a retriever, Labradors are reliable when it comes to picking up and carrying things. They love people and have an unwavering level of obedience and calm. Labradors can be as calm as they want to be, and with full commitment if necessary.





The next most popular breed of service dog is the golden retriever. They are loyal, well-behaved, friendly and intelligent. Their large size makes them an excellent choice as a mobility or guide dog. They are also suitable as medical response dogs, psychiatric service dogs and autism support dogs.

Retrievers are usually calm and friendly. This makes them a suitable service dog for someone who goes to different places. They can be calm even in very crowded places. This breed also tends to follow its owners. This is exactly the trait that is inherent in the best service dog breeds.





Samoyeds are popular because of their smiling muzzles. They are noted for their stamina, intelligence, affection and willingness to complete tasks. Although these dogs have been ice working dogs pulling sleds in the past, they cannot be used for very heavy physical tasks. Samoyeds cannot pull a wheelchair alone. However, they can help with mobility by opening doors and getting things out.

Samoyeds are ideal for those who live in small apartments. They don’t require a lot of physical activity, a small walk every day is enough. Samoyeds are very well attached to their owner. They are also affectionate and friendly to all family members.





German Shepherds are commonly used as sniffer dogs in the military, although they can also work successfully as private service dogs. They share some similarities with the retriever breed. However, they are bolder and more suspicious of strangers. Nevertheless, there is nothing to be afraid of, as German Shepherds can be trained to be affectionate and friendly.

This breed can be trained for almost any kind of assistance. Their stamina and willingness to perform tasks makes them excellent service dogs. As natural-born shepherds, German Shepherds are used to leading and making sure that the pack follows them. It is for this reason that they are excellent guide dogs.






A cousin of the German shepherd dog, the Belgian Malinois is a reliable service dog. They are often mistaken for a German Shepherd because of their coat color and general appearance. However, the Belgian Malinois is more agile and elegant in build. Dogs of the Malinois breed are by nature protective of their owners and property. However, they are not prone to aggression, which is great for people with disabilities and living alone.

Belgian Malinois are ideal for people moving around in a wheelchair, as their physique allows them to pull for mobility. As for physical activity, they are suitable for those with an active lifestyle. Like a herding dog, they need physical and mental stimulation to stay happy. But before the Belgian Malinois becomes a service dog, it must undergo intensive training. Unlike the German Shepherd, this breed can be aggressive if not trained at an early age.





Border Collies are the smartest dogs in the canine world. Their origins as herding dogs have given them a determined, obedient and intelligent character. The collie’s amazing stamina makes them great service dogs for getting around. They need work to stay happy, so they are ideal for service tasks.

They need to be trained from puppyhood to adulthood. Then they can help open doors, lift things, alert their owners, and even slowly pull wheelchairs. Border Collies are very sensitive; they can sense what you want before you even ask for it. They also have a protective nature that can be channeled in a positive way.





Because of stereotypes, pit bulls are referred to as vicious and aggressive breeds. But in fact, these dogs are one of the nicest breeds you can find. With proper training and intensive socialization, they can be calm, affectionate, clownish and reliable pets. What’s more, they can be one of the best breeds of service dogs.

Because of their stocky build, Amstaffs are excellent movement dogs. However, these dogs need intensive obedience training to stay on top of their game in any situation. Pit bulls are also very sensitive, so they like to be used as emotional support dogs. Pit bulls can be trained in various types of service dogs.





Bloodhounds have a strong sense of smell. This makes them excellent search and rescue dogs. They also have the friendliest temperament. They are calm, loyal and affectionate animals that can be a long-term companion and one of the best breeds of service dogs.

This breed can sniff out and retrieve things that their owners have lost. Bloodhounds are independent and hardy dogs, but they must be trained to become obedient service dogs.





Although boxers look stern, they are actually the first dogs to be used as messengers, pack dogs and guard dogs. They are fun, clownish and are one of the best breeds of service dogs. Boxers are also very intelligent and obedient, which makes them good candidates for service dogs. They have a lot of energy, which they can use to help their owner as a service dog.

However, boxers are not made to sit around the house all day. They need exercise and mental stimulation to keep their sanity. Then these dogs will be great companions.





Known as gentle giants, Bernese mountain dogs are great dogs for maintaining strength and mobility. Because of their large build, the Bernese Mountain Dog can pull a wheelchair and support the weight of their owner. They can also pull carts, chairs, bags and other heavy things.

With good training, these dogs can perform tasks in emergency situations, such as a fall or needing to retrieve medicine. They can also open doors in emergency situations. Their excellent problem-solving skills, calm disposition, and loyalty make them unconventional but effective service dogs.

The best service dog breeds can be just about any dog. There are no restrictions on what kind of dog can be trained as a service dog. If a dog can pass the test, it can be used as a service dog for a variety of conditions.


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