The Best Cat Breeds for Emotional Support

Sep 5, 2021 | Cats, Emotional Support Animals

Cats are some of the most popular emotional support animals.

Any breed can be a great helper for its owner. That being said, different breeds of cats are particularly friendly and loyal.
When you are trying to choose a cat as your emotional support animal, you are probably asking yourself, “What is the best cat breed for me?” We’ve compiled a list of the best breeds to help you make that choice.


Maine Coon

One of the largest breeds of cats, Maine Coons are very friendly. Their calm nature makes them people favorites. They please you. With their ears and fur on your skin, they show their loyalty to you.

They are also great with your children. These massive meowing cats get along well with other animals. They also love dogs and are very dog-like themselves.

Maine Coon cats are the largest domestic cats compared to other domestic cats. They are almost comparable to dogs and are quite fluffy if you like to cuddle with fluffy animals. For people who suffer from social anxiety, Maine Coon cats are great companions. This is because they love to socialize and are quick to bond with strangers, which can encourage you to interact with other people. They are also affectionate with other pets and children. However, because of their abundant fur, they require almost daily grooming.

Because Maine Coon cats are big and fluffy, so tucking your face into their fur is the best stress reliever known to man. They are affectionate and easy to train, so you can teach them to do just about anything, including walking and playing ball.
But most impressively, Maine Coons often develop the ability to read their owner’s moods. This is a cat that will seek you out when you’re not feeling well, rather than wait for you to come to her (and yes, she will expect a treat or two for her efforts).



These are very friendly cats known for their extremely mild mannered behavior. They are one of the largest breeds of cats.

Ragdolls are extremely mild mannered and friendly, and they often seek human companionship, such as following people around the house, sleeping with or lying on their owner. This breed gets along particularly well with children and other pets and is easily taught the same tricks as dogs, such as playing ball, flipping and begging.

If you want a friend in your apartment, ragdolls are the best option for you. They are peaceful, and they prefer to be quiet most of the time.

Many people keep them in their homes as an emotional support cat. They are gentle and their purr is delightful.

They are big, beautiful, and friendly. They have an unusual shade of blue eyes, silky hair, and a malleable personality. Unlike many other types of cats, they love to be picked up.

Many people want to have dogs as emotional support animals, but they are allergic to them. In this case, you can get a ragdoll breed cat. They look like a dog and will play ball with you, sleep in your bed, and follow you from room to room.

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American Bobtail

They are pets known for being active and affectionate. This is what makes them good emotional support pets. They have short tails, half as short when compared to other pets. They are not vocal and very many independent cats.
This breed of cat is bold and energetic. When it comes to emotional support, pet travelers are integral. The bobtail cat is very social, and they really enjoy car rides.
Most families choose bobtail cats as their ESA. They are very loyal and always watch out for your favorite things. They are great with children and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pet around a child. American Bobtail breed cats have woolly hair, so they resemble soft toys.



Cats of this type are independent, very athletic and highly intelligent. They may not be as affectionate as other emotional support cats, but their friendliness to people is on another level.
They are not as affectionate as many of the other cats on our list. but still demand attention, especially while walking on a leash with their owners!

Despite their wild tendencies, the domestic Bengal breed is affectionate and intelligent. They also don’t shed much, which means you can spend less time grooming and more time having adventures with one of the best feline breeds.

Naturally curious, Bengals love to explore, so they are a great companion to take with you if you need emotional support outside the home.

Don’t let the Bengal cat fool you with their wild moods. They are loving, sweet and will always be there for you. And since the purpose of ESA is to be friendly and improve mental health, Bengal cats are one of the best cat breeds for that.

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