What to consider before getting an ESA

Jun 25, 2022 | Cats, Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, ESA Certificate Reviews, Housing, Mental Health

These days, people can easily get an emotional support animal if they feel that an emotional support animal helps them cope with their mental state. Are you considering such a decision? Before you do, it is very important to pay attention to consider some important points.


Is your home protected for ESA?

A pet needs a secure home. There are dozens of things that are usually present in our home but can be dangerous to a dog or cat. For example, some houseplants can be poisonous if swallowed by a cat or dog. So make sure your home is free of such potential hazards.

Get rid of all loose electrical cords. Don’t leave plants, small objects or human food, such as chewing gum, within reach of pets. And make sure your cleaning products or any other chemicals are not dangerous to animals. Once you’re sure your home is pet-friendly, feel free to get yourself an emotional support animal.


Do you have the time?

Getting an ESA is no less than having a newborn baby in the house. They require just as much attention and care. ESAs are a lifelong responsibility. Their existence depends on their owners. If your lifestyle doesn’t give you enough time to be with ESAs, it’s best to postpone this step until better times.

You should have time to take them out for walks at least twice a day. You must remember to feed them food and water, because they are obviously not able to do this on their own. And most importantly, if you want to travel and live with your ESA, you must teach him a few basic rules of etiquette so he will behave well in public. And this training also requires your time and effort. In addition, animals need human companionship to be stress-free and happy pets. So only get yourself an ESA if your lifestyle allows it.

Do you have the financial means?

Getting an ESA is a pretty costly affair. They can empty your wallet as easily as a baby. Let’s start with food – they eat as much as we do, and you can’t ask them to skip lunch if you don’t have enough money. ESAs need toys to play with, a comfortable bed, and a sturdy leash for walks. And those are just the small expenses. ESAs need proper medical care and regular vet visits. You need to be up to date on all their vaccinations and watch out for allergies or illnesses they may have.

If you are not yet financially stable enough to take care of a pet, you will not be able to ensure a happy life for them. Therefore, it would be better to save up some money first so you can afford the appropriate expenses.


Are you aware of the care and hygiene measures?

If you are going to share your living space with a pet, you must ensure that they have proper hygiene and care. You should brush their coats, teeth, trim their nails and clean their ears regularly.

Do you know why and how to register an ESA?

You cannot take a dog or cat on your own and call it an emotional support animal. You must register it. Yes, the animal will give you emotional support, but there are certain benefits that only legal ESA certification provides: the Fair Housing Act and the Air Carrier Access Act.

Under the Fair Housing Act, a person with a mental illness who has a registered emotional support animal can live with it even in a community where pets are not allowed. Your landlord cannot restrict you or require additional fees as long as you have an ESA certificate for your animal from a licensed medical professional. The Air Carrier Access Act allows you to fly with your ESA in the cabin at no additional cost. Without a legal ESA certificate, you cannot take advantage of any of these benefits.

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