Beginner’s Guide for an Emotional Support Animal

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An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is more than just an ordinary pet. Emotional support animals are used as a treatment for people suffering from different types of mental or psychological illnesses like anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. With the help of an emotional support animal, individuals can acquire relief and support in their times of need. The most commonly used emotional support animal is an Emotional Support Dog, even any animal can be chosen.

Generally, most people have a misconception that an ESA is the same as a service dog or a therapy dog. Well, it is not true. Emotional support animals are provided with protection under two specific federal laws and are granted certain rights. Given below is a list that will help you get started and understand your rights while becoming an ESA owner.

Find the information required by you with the help of the details given below


Find out how you can get an emotional support animal as well as how to get qualified for a legitimate ESA letter.


Detailed information on the two important laws that offer protection/privileges to the ESAs and their owners.


Find the details such as where to get a legit ESA letter and who can provide you one for letting you get qualified for your ESA.


Tips on how to let your doctor know that you are interested in having an ESA as a part of your treatment.


Have a better understanding of certifying an emotional support animal and how to obtain a legitimate ESA letter.


Get to know about the difference between registering and certifying your emotional support animal. Also, find out why shouldn’t you opt for registering only.


Avoid becoming a victim of scams/traps, or else, you would end up paying for invalid letters and registrations. Know what to look for in a legit and authentic ESA letter.


An Emotional Support Animal doesn’t only mean a dog. This will be helpful if you want to register your feline companion as your ESA.


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