Is your ESA letter legit?

Sep 17, 2020 | Emotional Support Animals, Mental Health, Uncategorized

Do you wish to get a legitimate Emotional Support Animal? ESA Certificate came was founded in the year 2015 with the primary objective of assisting people in need of support and providing them with genuine information about emotional support animals. Over the recent years, awareness among the public has increased a lot. Nonetheless, fraudulent online services are also increasing along with them with the goal of misguiding people and making quick money. It doesn’t matter who you trust or choose for getting all your ESA needs fulfilled, it is very important that you gain some knowledge regarding the ESA rules. The process of qualifying for an ESA is an important one and it is essential for you to do it in the correct way. Before you start with the process of qualifying for an ESA, we highly recommend you go through this article. In that way, you can know about the essential facts and tips that would come in handy for an ESA owner.


What exactly is an ESA?

Research proves that dogs and some other animals could aid in the improvement of mental and emotional health. There is a lot of confusion and misconception about the information concerning ESAs. Let us now have a look at some of the myths revolving around ESAs.


False Information vs Actual Truth:

False – The certification/registration is necessary for an ESA and the ESA owner should acquire an ID card.

Truth – The documentation that is necessary for qualifying your pet as an ESA is your ESA letter, and there is no specific requirement for anything else.

False – ESAs aren’t controlled, there should be some laws that should govern them.

Truth – ESAs actually abide by the law, and there are many federal and state rules that govern ESAs and support the rights of owners.

False – Anyone can bring over their pet and tell others that it is qualified as an ESA.

Truth – It is not at all easy for a person to pretend that their pets are ESAs without actually getting an ESA letter because the landlords and airlines would require an ESA letter for making sure that the animal is actually an ESA.

False – Qualifying for an ESA online is not a possible process.

True – Although there are a lot of online scams related to ESAs, you can still be able to acquire a genuine and legitimate ESA letter online.

False – There is no such thing as a need for an ESA, people should be tougher.

True – ESAs play a very important role in improving the mental and emotional health of their owners.

To be precise, there have been a lot of incidents showing how an ESA would allow people having emotional and mental health issues to be able to live normally, which was thought to be impossible by them.

To make it simple for you to understand, emotional support animals are the type of assistance animals that are recognized under the federal housing law and the air travel law. ESAs are known to be beneficial for people dealing with various types of mental and emotional health conditions such as depression, panic attacks, anxiety, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and many more. According to these laws, people who are in the requirement of an emotional support animal are offered certain privileges.

For example, ESAs are allowed to travel along with their owners on flights (some specific airlines), and they are also allowed to accommodate their owners in buildings that have a ‘no pets’ policy. The animals that are usually preferred as emotional support animals are Dogs and Cats. Nevertheless, any type of animal that offers comfort to its owner during times of stress, anxiety, depression, etc., can be kept as an ESA. Emotional support animals won’t be requiring any sort of special training. They are known to provide comfort for emotional and mental disorders with just their presence. The major difference between a pet and an emotional support animal is that ESAs have an ESA letter that has been obtained with the help of a licensed healthcare professional. According to the federal and state laws, the only possible way to qualify for an ESA is to acquire an ESA letter that meets the respective requirements.


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