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Jan 19, 2021 | Dogs, Emotional Support Animals

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Qualify and you won’t need to face unfair pet deposits and airline deposits

As people owning pets, we all share a particular bond and affection for our furry friends. Animals that we have are not just pets, instead, they provide comfort and support us in our life.

In some situations, it is essential for us to be near our canine companions almost all the time. These situations include the times while we are flying on commercial airlines or living in a rental building that has a strict policy against pets. Regrettably, there are some situations, in which we are required to live without our animal companions. Sometimes these rules might even prevent us from having our beloved animal companions with us. Especially, this might become hard when we are in the dire need of being with them.

However, by acquiring an Emotional Support Animal letter, we might be can be able to attain the legal right to have our support dog or other types of support animals with us (in the USA). Given below are two specific instances, in which you can be able to continue enjoying the company of your support animal.


Emotional support dogs are protected by the law

Laws that are specifically designed for therapy animals can be a bit complicated to understand. Nonetheless, we would like to keep things simple. The two specific laws that you need to consider are the ACAA (Air Carrier Access Act) and the FHA (Fair Housing Act). These two laws (in specific) will grant you access to have emotional support animals along with you while you travel on commercial airlines flights (without having to pay extra fees) or while living in rental buildings such as houses or apartments that have policies against people having pets (No-pet policy).

Law 1: The Air Carrier Access Act, otherwise known as ‘ACAA’.

Law 2: The Fair Housing Act, otherwise known as ‘FHA’


How do I know if I qualify for a Therapy Dog?

Finding this specific information has never been made easier…


Fill out our free questionnaire


A licensed mental healthcare professional from our network will contact you


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Know your legal rights

An emotional support animal letter that has been provided by other organizations will usually manipulate you to pay fees for ‘registration fees to a government database’, which actually doesn’t even exist. On other hand, there might even be a possibility that the organization is making use of fake reviews in order to make you believe that they are a legit organization/company. Yes!!! It is terrible as it might actually sound.

At ESA Certificate, we prioritize making things clear for our clients while taking legal measures and once you qualify, we set you with a licensed mental health professional who acquired their license within the state you live. Instead of going to their office in person, you can contact them directly via phone call. If you qualify, you can be able to receive a 100% legal ESA letter within a time as little as 48 hours.

The ESA letter you acquire will represent the license number of the therapist with whom you spoke over the phone. If anybody questions the legality of your letter, you can legitimize your letter with ease by contacting the therapist that has provided you with it.


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To begin with the process, you would first have to complete a free online qualification screening. Nothing to worry about! It just consists of a few multiple-choice questions to confirm whether or not you are eligible to be a perfect fit to obtain an emotional support animal. The screening is considered an essential step and requires no more than a few minutes. Most importantly, you can begin by clicking the red button given below.

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Most Common Emotional Support Animals

Almost every domestic animal is eligible for being used as an ESA animal! While dogs and cats are most commonly used, there are no regulations and restrictions on the type of animal that can be kept as an emotional support animal. However, the animal that is kept by you as an emotional support animal must behave perfectly in public for being able to qualify as an ESA.


The most commonly kept emotional support animal in America is Dog.


Right after dogs, Cats have a significant role as support animals in the USA.


Birds are in the top third position to be kept as emotional support animals.

Companion Dogs vs Service Animals

Know the difference! As most people might actually have a misconception, a service animal and companion animal are not quite actually the same. It is very crucial that you must know the difference. Service animals procure special training for performing specific tasks that are required by an individual. On the other hand, ESA animals won’t be needing any sort of special training and can provide relief as well as support to many individuals.

Service Dogs


Safeguarded by the Federal Law in order to provide company to their owner on commercial airline flights.

Learn more about Service Animals

ESA Pets


A person that owns an ESA must carry the necessary documentation that represents the purpose for having an ESA

Learn more about ESA Dogs


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